The misconceptions we dispel ...

Frequently asked questions from our guests:


Unfortunately, we have often encountered treatments that were completely ineffective or painful.

This cannot happen to us. For diode laser hair removal, we use the most modern and professionally developed tool, which has already helped countless women to achieve the final result. We guarantee efficiency and painlessness.

I heard it is not effective!

Based on the most effective tests, the diode laser we use is one of the most effective lasers in hair removal.

We are hair removal specialists, as the Salon employs a lot of experienced and professional knowledge, who have a particularly high level of expertise in the field of laser hair removal.

Our guests deserve the best and we only give them the best!

Is treatment not always available?

The diode laser technology we use can handle all types of photos on the fitzpatrick scale, be it light or even darker skin. The treatment should not be performed unless the hair is lighter than the skin and red and gray hair cannot be treated.

We guarantee safe and painless hair removal.