Bogoly Bianca


My old dream was to create my own aesthetic center, where we can fully help everyone, be it weight loss, health maintenance or rejuvenation. My goal is a center where women get all the support they need to shape themselves to perfection. However, Shapezone does not only offer this opportunity. As a mother and an entrepreneur, I know for a fact that it is not easy to combine beautification with family and work, it is always important to have an accurate schedule and as a busy person, time is an important value. Thus, at the Shapezone aesthetic center, we pay special attention to the exact schedule, so that the people who come here do not have to wait. In addition to all of these, treatments and services are available in our center that work with the most effective procedure proven in medical aesthetics. Our in-house developed medical aesthetic treatment machines provide our guests with maximum efficiency and a guaranteed effect. Thus, faster results can be achieved in Shapezone in a shorter time. And in today's fast-paced world, since time is money, and at Shapezone there is no waiting and the results are achieved sooner due to the efficiency of our treatments, so our guests who visit the Shapezone aesthetic center are not only enriched with spiritual and physical replenishment, but also save time and money.