The VÊSHAPE body shaping system, which combines six technologies, has a unique, combined effect on fat cells and the skin surface. It is a revolutionary novelty among body treatments, as it combines several procedures - such as bipolar radio frequency, infrared light energy, negative pressure therapy and manual massage - to multiply their effects. The treatment shapes and slims the shape without surgery.

6 x technology

infrared light energy

bipolar radio frequency

pulsating vacuum

mechanical roller massage

soft laser

multifunctional control heads

6 x effect

cellulite reduction

spectacular reduction in nail size

skin tightening

body shaping

lymphatic stimulation

can be used in several areas

What makes VÊSHAPE effective?

Infrared light energy and bipolar radio frequency heat the tissues in the deeper layers of the skin that cause cellulite.

The vacuum is used to stimulate blood circulation. The blood, which is one of the targets of the high temperature effects of infrared light energy and bipolar radio frequency, responds with a faster exchange of oxygen. This essentially increases the metabolic breakdown of fat stored in fat cells, resulting in a reduction in the size of fat cells. As a result, the surface roughness of the skin is reduced, which is largely caused by the protrusion of the tense fat cells from the connective tissue.

The vacuum and rollers gently massage the skin. Mechanical treatment helps to deliver excess intercellular fluid from the skin and the upper part of the deeper layers of the skin to the lymphatic system.

What problems did you recommend the program to deal with?

cellulite treatment

effective body shaping

increase fat metabolism, fat reduction

leather texture repair

beautification of the skin, improvement of the smoothness of the skin surface

Skin wrinkle removal and skin regeneration

treatment and elimination of muscle cramps and muscle spasms

for liposuction aftertreatment

postpartum skin regeneration

effective treatment of fattening and elongation strips

What results can you expect after VÊSHAPE treatment?

Maximum increased fat cell metabolism, opening of lymphatic pathways, and increased energy use result in drastic shrinkage of fat cells Both reducing the size of fat cells and removing excess intercellular fluid through the lymphatic system, reducing the size of the connective tissue and adipose tissue and causes a decrease in circle size. As a result of these mechanisms, a significant reduction in volume and an unprecedented smoothness and evenness of the skin surface can be achieved.

Based on international experience, the expected decrease in average volume is:

minus 10 cm at the tail,

minus 4 inches at the thighs,

minus 12 cm in the abdominal area.

What causes cellulite?

Orange skin is characterized by an uneven, dimpled skin surface - a mattress-like appearance. Adipocytes are in chambers bounded by vertical and horizontal connective tissue separators. Separators are fixed rigid fibers that do not stretch with the skin as the walls of the chambers expand in size. When the fat chamber expands too much by the fat cells and the remaining intercellular fluid, the separators stretch in the vertical direction, thereby squeezing the skin, resulting in a pitted skin surface.

80% of women struggle with cellulite problems, which is why the demand for truly effective toning treatments is huge.

VÊSHAPE is a painless, safe and effective medical procedure to shape the body and reduce cellulite in the most problematic areas of the body.

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