Carbon Peel Hollywood box 10 Treatment

Use it for your face and back


Are your pores wide? Is your skin oily or blackheaded? Is your face pale or pimpled? Carbon Peel's unique technology provides a solution to every problem.

Carbon Peel is one of the most effective laser pore treatment facials on the world market, a cleansing, gentle exfoliating peel treatment.

1. Soft peeling and Instant Glow: instant radiance, fresh, fresh skin even during lunch thanks to light (soft) laser peeling, with minimal cell renewal and collagen induction effect

2. Pore minimization, pore tightening effect: the carbon mask gets into the pores to remove blackheads, cleans and tightens the pores

3. Anti-inflammatory effect: thanks to the carbon dioxide mask, the treatment has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is excellent for acne facial skin

The safe and painless treatment can be applied to all skin types, regardless of age, in any season of the year, even in summer.

Apply for the favorite peeling treatment of Hollywood stars, the Carbon Peel facial treatment!

180,000 Ft 250,000 Ft