FOR MEN Hydra Elements Hydrating Cream

One of the most popular moisturizers in the For Men series. By applying it, the skin's hydration is restored, and the skin regains its tone and energy. Due to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, does not grease the facial skin, and provides a perfect feeling of comfort. Cream rich in birch extract and trace elements. Recommended for hydrating the skin of men with normal and dry skin. The perfect choice for hydrating your facial skin after shaving.

Use morning and evening on cleansed skin. Apply the cream on your face and massage it into your skin. For even better results, clean your face before use. Men's skin produces more sebum, so if the cream is applied to an uncleaned face, the cream can have a greasy effect on the facial skin. Hydra Elements face cream combines well with Force Revive skin rejuvenating serum.

17,690 Ft 18,900 Ft