A serum with a high concentration of active ingredients that regenerates the facial skin and redefines the natural contour of the face. Thanks to the ingredients produced with biotechnology, the facial skin is filled in the knee dimension, the length and depth of wrinkles are reduced. Flabby, tired skin rises, facial contours become sharper, skin hydration and nutrient supply improve. The effect of the serum is unparalleled, the desired result can be seen within days, making it one of the most popular serums in the Germaine De Capuccini range.

Thanks to its light texture, it instantly fills the facial skin with new energy.

Use the serum in the morning and evening on your own to achieve the desired effect. Cleanse your face before using the serum. For night face care, we recommend that you first massage the serum gently into the face and neck and décolleté areas and then use Timexpert Lift (IN) face cream. The serum can also be used on the neck and décolletage areas, first massaging the serum into the skin area to be treated and then using the Timexpert Lift (IN) neck and décolletage cream. The serum goes well with other facials from Germaine De Capuccini.

Beauty Awards award-winning facial serum, recommended for all skin types!

45,500 Ft 45,500 Ft