Timexpert SRNS Illuminating Detox Formula Puffines And bags Under The Eyes

It supports the production of melatonin. Melatonin is found in various parts of the body, especially in the skin. Melatonin is transported to the cells in the skin tissue and has a calming effect here, prolonging the resting "sleep phase". The skin tissue is more relaxed. Detoxifies, revitalizes, refreshes, eliminates signs of fatigue around the eye contour. It works against cellular fatigue.

Area around calm eye contour (without bags and edema) Fatigue effect: Contains Albizia julibrissin / Silkwood extract. Silkwood extract: counteracts the signs of fatigue by explaining the process of glycolysis. It strengthens the detoxification processes of the cells, maintains the viability of the cells. It strengthens the process of energy production by cells. Maintains the integrity of the microcirculation system. It restores the equilibrium processes of melatonin production in fibroblasts. Caffeine: increases micro-circulation, has a degreasing and liquid-removing effect. The effect of silkwood extract + caffeine is soothing and free of edema around the eye contour.

Visible skin lightening, lightening effect. Optimal concealer. Corrects, lightens the shaded area for edema under the lower eyelid. The fading effect works at maximum force.

It brightens mimic wrinkles and has an immediate and visible firming effect. Zinc-Glycine Complex + RC-Advanced intensively increases the skin's ability to withstand stress. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Protects skin tissue from water loss and external environmental damage. Fills the skin with moisture. It has a wrinkle-filling effect.

You can see amazing results in no time!

The area around the eye contour rejuvenates and the skin becomes lighter. Fresh, open and calm look. The size of the edema and bags around the eye contour is visibly reduced. Bright and uniform eye contour. Hydrated and protected area.

Complete skin rejuvenation around the eye contour. Paraben-free. It has been tested by dermatologists and optamologists. Free of perfume and other fragrances. It is especially recommended for morning eye contouring. It instantly revitalizes the area around the eye contour. It drives away signs of fatigue like edema, bags. Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation due to the effect of the massage Fades bluish-gray skin.

Easy to use: there is a special metal-headed applicator at the end of the tube. Ergonomically perfect for eye contour and refreshing. Perform a gentle, gentle massage with the treatment head on the eye contour line to distribute the product more effectively.

19,800 Ft 20,780 Ft